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I'm changing how anti-racism works. 

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You've acted in racist ways in the past and you would like the opportunity to correct your mistakes. You've tried doing this in anti-racism spaces and are demonized for acting out in unconsciously racist ways. You have kept silent, but deep inside, you knew it was counterproductive to sit there and take any level of abuse. Maybe you felt you deserved the abuse because you're white?

Attempting to learn in an emotionally abusive environment is not healthy. The Racist Signature™ Network is a community for white people who want to explore anti-racism without subjugating themselves to abuse.

You'll be doing the hard work of understanding why you react in unconsciously racist ways and be able to connect with others who also desire reform in a supportive non-violent environment.

In order to prevent racial violence, the perpetrators of racism need reform. 

The benefits of the network include:

Weekly Check-In's

Bi-Weekly Alumni Spotlights

Bi-Weekly Livestreams

Monthly Support Group

Book Club

Racism Reform Sponsors

and more!

If this sounds like a plan, then let's do this!


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